All our rituals are performed in a double cabin on hot Carrara marble, extracted from the Apuan Alps.


Much more than a moment of relaxation, it will help you regain inner harmony and connect with your vital rhythm, thanks to our Dead Sea mud or seaweed wraps plus deep hydration with the hand of Tibetan singing bowls.
The duration of these rituals starts at 100min.

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Complete detoxification of the organism. It activates the circulatory system and helps to eliminate toxins. Restores the balance of the organism in a healthy and natural way.
The duration of these rituals is 75 minutes.

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MoMa and Biologique Recherche have created this ritual that helps fight cellulite. It activates the lymphatic circulation allowing a greater oxygenation of the tissues, in addition to enhancing liposis thanks to the simultaneous activation of blood circulation. Perfect for pregnancy and postpartum.

The duration of these rituals starts at 55min.

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These MoMa-exclusive rituals aim to remove dead skin cells, improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin, diminish scars and help discolor or remove blemishes. Thanks to exfoliation, we add another level of depth to our hydration, which is very necessary for the skin.

The duration of these rituals starts at 50min.

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We all need a moment of total relaxation. These rituals with exotic fragrances, soft hints of incense and myrrh, rejuvenate the skin and restore its natural beauty. It seduces with its enigmatic scent inspired by Cleopatra’s queen. Made with hot stones.
The duration of these rituals starts at 50min.

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